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The NUE Beatbox Battles 2023 was an international beatboxing competition held at ATIK in Tamworth, England on September 23, 2023.



Name Qualification Name Qualification
Gb Frosty NUE Beatbox Battles 2022 Champion Gb-wls KyleESHvans 8th Wildcard Winner
Ie Osis NUE Beatbox Battles 2022 Vice-Champion Gb Nimbus 9th Wildcard Winner
Be Stan 1st Wildcard Winner Be Yaswede 10th Wildcard Winner
Ee SeaWind 2nd Wildcard Winner Gb Lucid 11st Wildcard Winner
Gb-wls Izen 3rd Wildcard Winner Gb Shouga 13rd Wildcard Winner
Us Conundrum 4th Wildcard Winner Gb TMY 15th Wildcard Winner
Gb Deity 5th Wildcard Winner Gb Suffix 16th Wildcard Winner*
Gb Murk 6th Wildcard Winner Gb Siren 17th Wildcard Winner*
Sg HandFX 7th Wildcard Winner
  • Suffix and Siren acted as replacements for Gb Zak (12nd Wildcard Winner) and Gb Delta-T (14th Wildcard Winner)


Name Qualification
Be Yaswede 1st Wildcard Winner
Gb Frosty 2nd Wildcard Winner
Gb Tonker 4th Wildcard Winner
Fr Smonal 5th Wildcard Winner
Ie Edmaster 6th Wildcard Winner
Fr Elash 7th Wildcard Winner
Gb-wls OR4NGE 8th Wildcard Winner
Gb Reload 11th Wildcard Winner*
  • Reload acted as a replacement for Gb Har-V (3rd Wildcard Winner).


Name (Solo) Name (Loop)
Gb MC Zani Gb Hobbit
Fr Colaps Gb Epos
Fr K.I.M. Fr Faya Braz



1/4 Final Semi Final Final
 Gb Frosty  3 Votes
 Gb Deity  0 Votes  
 Gb Frosty  0 Votes
   Us Conundrum  3 Votes  
 Us Conundrum  3 Votes
 Gb TMY  0 Votes  
 Us Conundrum  Lose
   Be Stan  Win
 Be Stan  3 Votes
 Gb Lucid  0 Votes  
 Be Stan  2 Votes Small Final
   Ie Osis  1 Votes  
 Ie Osis  3 Votes  Gb Frosty  Lose
 Gb-wls KyleESHvans  0 Votes    Ie Osis  Win


Rank Name
1 Gb Frosty
2 Be Yaswede
3 Ie Edmaster
4 Fr Smonal
5 Gb-wls Or4nge
6 Gb Tonker
7 Fr Elash
8 Gb Reload
  Semi Final Final
 Gb Frosty 1 vote  
 Fr Smonal 2 votes  
     Fr Smonal 3 votes
   Be Yaswede 0 votes
Small Final
 Be Yaswede 3 votes  Gb Frosty  3 votes
 Ie Edmaster 0 votes    Ie Edmaster  0 votes