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The World Beatbox Classic 2018 was a beatboxing competition that took place in Foshan, China on August 19, 2018.


Name Qualification Name Qualification
Jp.svg Show-Go 1st Wildcard Winner Ro.svg Cosmin Invited
Us.svg Bloomer 3rd Wildcard Winner Gb.svg D-low Invited
Vn.svg Austin 4th Wildcard Winner Gr.svg S-Dope Invited
Cl.svg Cidro 5th Wildcard Winner Kr.svg Bigman Invited
Kr.svg Wing 6th Wildcard Winner Bg.svg Bass Bro Invited
Co.svg Beatmeda 7th Wildcard Winner Ch.svg Denis the Menace Invited
Br.svg Vibe 9th Wildcard Winner Jp.svg Ettoman Invited
Nl.svg B-Art Invited Kr.svg Hiss Invited
Hk.svg 3H Invited Tw.svg Chuan Invited
Lu.svg Slizzer Invited Au.svg Y2K Invited
Es.svg Zekka Invited Kr.svg Mighty Invited
Jp.svg Tatsuaki Invited Cn.svg Robot Chinese Beatbox Winner 2018
  • Mx.svg Ownerbeatz (2nd Wildcard Winner), Kg.svg T-Say (8th Wildcard Winner) and Co.svg Grecco (10th Wildcard Winner) did not participate in the event.


Fr.svg Alem
Sg.svg Dharni
Tw.svg Double
Ch.svg ZeDe
Ca.svg KRNFX


Top 16 1/4 Final Semi Final Final
 Nl.svg B-Art  Win
 Jp.svg Ettoman  Lose  
 Nl.svg B-Art  Win
   Kr.svg Hiss  Lose  
 Kr.svg Hiss  Win
 Jp.svg Tatsuaki  Lose  
 Nl.svg B-Art  Win
   Lu.svg Slizzer  Lose  
 Kr.svg Bigman  Win
 Cl.svg Cidro  Lose  
 Kr.svg Bigman  Lose
   Lu.svg Slizzer  Win  
 Lu.svg Slizzer  Win
 Ro.svg Cosmin  Lose  
 Nl.svg B-Art  Lose
   Gb.svg D-Low  Win
 Us.svg Bloomer  Win
 Cn.svg Robot  Lose  
 Us.svg Bloomer  Lose
   Gb.svg D-Low  Win  
 Gb.svg D-Low  Win
 Kr.svg Mighty  Lose  
 Gb.svg D-Low  Win
   Es.svg Zekka  Lose   Small Final
 Kr.svg Wing  Lose
 Es.svg Zekka  Win  
 Es.svg Zekka  Win  Lu.svg Slizzer  Win
   Jp.svg Show-Go  Lose    Es.svg Zekka  Lose
 Jp.svg Show-Go  Win
 Hk.svg 3H  Lose